Malcolm Archibald is a member of the Society of Authors and a lecturer at Inverness College, University of the Highlands and Islands

Welcome to my website. I hope that you find something of interest, either in the fiction or non fiction. As you have come this far, I think I should tell you a little about myself. Born and bred in Edinburgh, I have been writing for as long as I can remember, mainly books with a historical background. However, I began to become more serious about the process after I graduated from Dundee University as a mature student in 2001.

My main theatre of interest lies around the long 19th century, from the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars until 1914, when the world changed for ever. At present I am exploring two parallel themes in this period: 19th century crime and the Scottish whaling industry. Crime had always been present but the rise of industrialisation in the 19th century raised fears it could spiral out of control. That led to the creation of professional, uniformed police forces, with Glasgow being the first in 1800. I have covered that in Glasgow: The Real Mean City. There were also plain clothes detectives such as my fictional James Mendick in The Darkest Walk and the second in the series: A Burden Shared: the Dundee Murders. My non fiction crime books cover Dundee, Glasgow and the Highlands, with a book on Aberdeen crime due out in March 2014.

Whaling was a Scottish industry that employed thousands and brought home blubber for oil and baleen that had a hundred different uses. It was a savage, bloody business that cost hundreds of lives and scores of ships. In Whalehunters I examined the lives of the men who went whaling. My fictional Whales for the Wizard won the 2005 Dundee Book Prize with its portrayal of the Dundee whaling industry in 1860. In July this year Dundee University Press published my The Dundee Whaling Fleet that covered the ships in more detail. I wrote about the Fraserburgh whaling industry in the [Kindle only] A Wild Rough Lot. In November 2013 Black and White publishing, in conjunction with Dundee Museum, will be publishing Ancestors in the Arctic, a pictorial history of the Dundee whaling industry, with pictures exclusively from Dundee Museum.

Folklore and the fringe area between reality and perception also fascinates me. I have written about nautical and natural folkore, while the fictitious Mother Law combines both history and the supernatural. I have plans for another along the same lines. My Shadow of the Wolf [Kindle] is a historical fantasy based loosely on the exploits of Alexander Stewart, the Wolf of Badenoch.

If anybody has any questions, queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many of my books, including all those published by Fledgling Press, are available in eBook formats suitable for all major eReaders and Tablets including . . .

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Out in March 2014, Fishermen, Randies and Fraudsters is the fourth in a series of books concerning crime in the 19th century.