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Thanks for Windrush
Just read the first Windrush book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm interested to read historical novels and non-fiction but have never come across so much information about the British in Burma. Thank you. I love the pictures of Scottish landscape you put up on you Amazon site. What is the loch in the background? (I'm an expatriate Scot and seeing your images made me long to be back there!)
Posted by Sheila Macdonald on 23 April 2019
Hi Sheila,

Thank you for the kind comments. Most of the details about Burma were taken from unpublished journals and published accounts of men who fought in one or other of the Burmese Wars. The accounts of the actual fighting at Pegu and Rangoon were taken from regimental accounts and contemporary journals, with a few notes added from my own family members who served with the British Army in Burma.
The loch is Loch Affric, west of Inverness. There's a lovely wee road that takes you into the heart of Glen Affric, with a number of paths into the hills and by the loch and river!
Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 24 April 2019
Windrush series
I have just read the entire series which I devoured in a week's time. It's such a great series. I read mostly historical fiction and Jack's military exploits are fascinating. Please tell me there is to be another book to follow. I left five star reviews for each book on Amazon and Goodreads.
Posted by Cindy Woods on 02 April 2019
Hello, Cindy

Many thanks for taking the trouble to write to me, and for the very welcome comments. It is always good to hear that people enjoy what I write! Thank you also for the five star reviews, which are the life-blood of a writer.
As it happens, I sent the next Windrush to the publishers last week. If they think it good enough, and after the editing process, it should be out in a couple of months. Our Jack is due Home leave but finds himself sent to one of the most dangerous places in the world, with an entirely different culture to learn. I do hope that you enjoy that book as well.
Thank you again for writing.
Very best regards
Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 03 April 2019
query about
Your story about the Morgan–Landale duel concludes with the statement "A quarter of a century later, Landale's daughter married Morgan's niece. Life continued ..."

I've tried to find out of this is a misprint or if, indeed, that was a same-sex marriage — surely unique in that day and age?

Hoping you can clear up this little mystery, thanks!
Posted by Michelle on 01 April 2019
Hi Michelle,

Congratulations! You spotted a misprint that slipped past two editors as well as me.
The passage should read: 'Landale's daughter married Morgan's nephew.'
Thank you for pointing that out. If the book is printed again, I will have it rectified.
Very best
Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 03 April 2019
Dundee connection
Hi I sent i think a guest book comment but forgot to put the number in a senior moment im afraid
I was born Dundee and am a retired architect who studied in the Dundee Uni
I went to Belfast for 6 weeks in 1958 and am still there Having met HER !!!!!
Greatly enjoyed your Dundee writings and I do think the Dundee at a glance is splendid
Well done
Posted by joe fitzgerald on 23 December 2018
Hi Joe

Many thanks for your comment. It is good to know that somebody enjoys what I write. My wife and I both attended Dundee Uni - Cathy was studying town planning while I took History - you and Cathy would have both been in the Duncan of Jordanstone building, I think! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for 2019.
Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 24 December 2018
Exhausted from endless Viking sagas and seasick after so many tales of frigate captains that I can't keep them all straight, I happened upon Ensign Windrush of the 113rd Foot. I've read all published to date and can't wait to find out where he ends up next after surviving the Sepoy Mutiny. Thank you for your well-crafted characters, your faultless research and exciting battle scenes that never fail to keep me reading late into the night.
Posted by Steve Cook on 17 July 2018
Hi Steve,
Many thanks for your very welcome comments on Windrush. I do have plans for future Windrush novels, if the publisher agrees, of course. Our Jack is too young to go into retirement yet and the Empire has plenty of enemies for him to face!
Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 17 July 2018
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