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Dundee at a Glance
Sent an email to Malcolm regarding the book and he responded straight away with an answer! Great read, especially if you are a Dundonian. Full of interesting facts. Worth a read,
Posted by John Sellars on 03 June 2017
Malcolm's Books
I have read numerous books by Malcolm Archibald. He is one of my favorite writers. His books bring everything to life. For instance, in "The Darkest Walk" (a really great book by the way) I could almost "smell" what he was describing. Malcolm is a fantastic writer. Everyone should grab a book by him and just enjoy!
Posted by Sally on 18 March 2015
Good to see that a native Scot is writing about the people. Do you know any McCorquodales? We have been in North Carolina, USA since about 1792 as far as I can ascertain. I will take a look at you work. Best of luck to you.
Posted by Willie McCorquodale on 12 June 2013
Hi Willie
Thank you for visiting my website. I do know a MacCorquadale - different spelling but undoubtedly the same family, somewhere! Lots of Highland Scots went to North Carolina in the 18th century so your ancestors were in good company!
Posted by malcolm archibald on 12 June 2013
Hi Malcolm--I just wanted to say hello, as I peruse your site, here. Sure wish there was a follow button! :)
Posted by Karen Robiscoe on 31 December 2012
Hi Karen

Many thanks for your comments on my website and please accept my aplogies for the very late reply.

Posted by Malcolm Archibald on 12 April 2013