Sergeant Mendick of the Yard

The Victorian age was a period of dynamic change, when the Industrial Revolution reached its peak, railways criss-crossed the land and cities expanded hugely. There were massive social changes as well, with people clamouring for the vote, the growth of slums and a fear that crime would be out of control. To combat the terrifying criminality, the new uniformed police came into existence, with criminal officers, or detectives, soon added to investigate crimes that were too complex for the uniformed men. One of these men was Sergeant James Mendick of Scotland Yard.

So far there are three Mendick stories published. The first was The Darkest Walk, set in 1848, when Mendick was sent to investigate a possible workers' uprising in North England and found himself involved in a tangled web that reached right to the heart of the country.


The second was A Burden Shared, when Mendick was sent to Dundee to pick up a prisoner but up facing a series of murders that shocked even him.


The third is The Golden Voyage, where Mendick finds himself at sea with a most interesting captain and crew

All three are published by Fledgling Press of Edinburgh.



A Burden Shared: The Dundee Murders . . . "an excellent crime novel, and an excellent historical novel. What really brings the book to life beyond the well crafted plot is the loving and often deeply grimy detail in which the Dundee of 1849 is drawn by Malcolm Archibald. The city becomes a leading character in the novel and we find ourselves navigating its often non-too salubrious streets alongside Mendick and his colleagues as they close in on a conclusion that is as shocking as it is unexpected. We enjoyed The Darkest Walk, and feel that this second in the series sees Archibald and Mendick both getting into a very assured stride to produce a novel that is even better. We also feel the setting of Dundee suits Mendick perfectly. Let's hope he's back there soon. "

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